Short Story part 1

As he walked East, Sir Francis LeGaarde saw the Castle bloom towards him.  He breathed a prayer to the Armor-Clad as he heaved his sword to his good shoulder and trotted forward, paying as little mind as he could to the faint scratching behind him.

            He had left Ouer Castle a week ago and simply started walking, following the trails left by the things Blue Gold had made.  At first, he’d had to stop every few miles to soak in the fact that the world was ending around him.  Eventually, Sir LeGaarde would find solace in the Armor-Clad and soldier forward.  The Blue Gold’s spread, he had quickly discovered, was as comprehensive and expansive as a crusade.  The only living things he found were insects, gorged on the Blue and growing to the size of small birds.  By the sides of the road lay disused carts, articles of clothing, scraps of metal and iron, and the occasional tooth.  All fungal matter aside from Blue Gold, the moss and mushrooms of a healthy forest, had vanished.  Any lodgings he came across had their eastern-facing walls exploded outwards, as if crushed by an enormous boar.  The predictions of the Boly Books of the Seven, the death and destruction that heralded the end times, seemed an irrefutable fact.

            Despite this, Sir LeGaarde found himself experiencing a growing sense of calm as his road stretched longer.  Perhaps it was the eerie beauty afforded by utter desolation.  Perhaps it was relief at his continued existence, reaffirmed with every crunch of dirt beneath his feet.  Perhaps it was the assurance of Divine Intervention from the Armor-Clad in his quest.  Whatever it was, Sir LeGaarde had almost felt himself relaxing into the new Blue-hued world around him. 

            The calm ended when he’d realized that he was being followed.

Devin Marcus