KVO x TSB 2018 Hype Post

This may be a new element to this iteration of my blog, but readers from the days of "Prayers to Dark Gods" know that an essential part of my DNA is fighting games.  I love watching tournaments, slowly improving, and checking out hype combo videos for Street Fighter, Guilty Gear, Dragon Ball Fighterz, and all the others.  Thus, I am preparing this weekend to watch my personal favorite Japanese tourney series, KVO x TSB.

Japan's arcade scene is legendary for producing extraordinary players who unfortunately are unable to travel to the US due to work obligations and the fact that their passion is not a living, unlike eSports athletes in the USA.  Any chance to see them play is an opportunity to be cherished.  You will see stuff you've never seen in-game before, 100% guaranteed.  It's a FGC (Fighting Game Community) member's dream come true, and if you can either get past the Japanese commentary or don't mind not understanding what they're talking about, you'll be in for a treat.

Here is a link to the stream and its archives.


Devin Marcus