Tunes to Write To: Coogan's Bluff- "Flying to the Stars"

Sometimes, when you're writing, you find yourself in a slump.  Your energy is drained, you've got no ideas left to your name, and literally any other chore, even doing laundry, seems like a welcome alternative.  When you find yourself in times like these, you've got to find a way to break out of it.  One excellent method I've found for this is a good dose of Coogan's Bluff.

"Coogan's Bluff" is actually named after a weird old Clint Eastwood film.  However, they do not produce weird old western-y music.  Scratch all of that except for "weird" and you've got a decent idea of what they do.  I've listened to a lot of their music, and I think my favorite album of theirs is "Flying to the Stars".  It's got a nice spacey feel, amplified by its cool Horn section and its ambling guitars.  If you were to listen to only one song, make it the title track and this album's opening; it's a good 12 minutes long and serves as an overview on all their music quite nicely.


Devin Marcus