Combo Breaker 2018 Hype Post

This is a busy month for fighting games.  Last week's Stunfest was stacked (as you can and should read about in my previous post), Toryuken was also going on and was great but I couldn't cover it, and this weekend is one of the year's biggest and most grassroots, Combo Breaker.

Combo Breaker is always one of my favorite tournaments of the year not necessarily because of the main tournament itself, but by the sheer amount of events and games being represented.  You have your Street Fighter 5 and Tekken 7 which will be the main attractions and create many hype moments on finals day, but look on any side stream and you'll see Street Fighter 2: Championship Edition, Melty Blood, Killer Instinct, or Mortal Kombat 9 going strong, or even an Auction Tournament, where.  It's an event catered to attendees rather than viewers, and that really shows.  Tune in if you want a good feel of how a well-run, tight, and ground level tournament feels.

Devin Marcus