Tunes to Write to: Low-"Ones and Sixes"

Hey guys!  I've been doing a lot of job-related stuff today, combined with an upcoming Shadowrun game and cooking.  As a result, today's post will be nice and short, a quick blurb on some of my favorite music to write to.

I myself am a musician.  I play cello, have for almost 12 years now I would say, and as a result, music is an inexorable part of my creative process.  I almost never write or do work without some album on repeat in the background.  It helps get me in the mood of the piece and stirs the creative juices.  For today's post, I'm just going to introduce you all to Low.  This band has been pioneering lo-fi drone soundscapes for a while now (very appropriate to their name), and their music often evokes the solemnity and gravity of a church service.  The specific album I listened to earlier today was "Ones and Sixes", their latest excursion.  It blends a certain creepiness with a cold, chilled beauty that permeates through the repeating bars to cohere into an ongoing mood that builds from each song into the next.  If you're only going to listen to one tune from this album to get a sense of what it's about, I recommend "No Comprende", which also showcases their minimalist writing style.  I think there will be more of these to come, so I hope you all enjoy!  And definitely check out Low.

Devin Marcus