Tunes to Write to: Pinegrove-"Live at Audiotree"

This is going to be a short post, as this week has been and will continue to be pretty frantic for me.  However, it's not too short for me to recommend a nice little slice of folky/rocky goodness in the form of Pinegrove.

Pinegrove is one of those bands that feels timeless and organic, like every part of it is hewn from the environment where it grew up.  It's a lovely, warm kind of sound that they conjure up, accompanied by the mournful and evocative vocals.  They're especially a treat to listen to live, which is why the example I'm including here is from a live performance at Audiotree.  If you've only got time for one song, I recommend "Need 2", starting at 0:50.  


Devin Marcus